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heatpump servicing

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your heat pump is the best way to pro long its expected life time. Each heat pump we service gets well cleaned, inside and out and if needed parts are hosed down (including filters). We apply a biocide to prevent algae, and always check the unit is performing adequately on both heating and cooling. If we believe a fault may be developing we let the client know as early as possible to allow for budgeting where warranties are expired.

Servicing, repairs & installation

Warm it & Cool it have installed 1000's of heat pump system's since they were first introduced to the New Zealand market. We are experienced in stripping air conditioning units apart to service them giving us in advantage to be able to confidently remove heat pump covers and parts without damaging them. if any problems arise with your heat pumps, we will be able to confidently diagnose the issue, source the parts and carry out the repair. Not all 'heat pump servicing' companies can do that.

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