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New or existing residential builds, Warm it & Cool it have a solution for you. Julian is IQP Certified and has over 30 years experience designing and installing air conditioning systems. Hi wall Heat pumps are most commonly installed in New Zealand homes, however we also install Floor consoles, Ducted systems, ceiling cassettes and a range of other heatpumps. We are preferred installers of heat pumps and under tile heating for Cranston Homes & The House Company in Auckland.

Why us (Click to expand)

We're experienced refrigeration engineers, heatpumps are second nature to us. Apart from being able to install heatpumps we are also able to diagnose faults and repair them.. and have been doing so since heatpumps where first introduced to the New Zealand market. We are experienced in diagnosing issues and problems with a range of refrigeration equipment from residential heatpumps to commercial chillers and freezers. You can rely on our team to provide only the best service. Julian would be more than happy to help you answer any questions you may have.

Existing residential builds (Click to expand)

Working with an existing build when installing a heatpump immediately suggests limitations. Typically hi-wall heatpumps are installed on an external wall in existing houses as we need to be able to run refrigeration pipe between both the indoor and out door unit. Ducted systems are typically not able to be installed unless you have adequate and accessible roof space. Floor consoles are a viable option for existing residential builds as well. With free obligation quotes Auckland wide, you can't go wrong.

New residential builds (Click to expand)

New residential builds give us more flexible options when it comes to heatpump installation. Ducted systems can be allowed for giving you control of the temperature in multiple rooms with one system. Heatpumps can be installed on internal walls and refrigeration pipes ran within the cavity or roof space. We always pre-pipe our refrigeration pipes on new builds this way all piping is hidden once walls are lined, and only minimal showing outside. We are experienced in installation of heatpumps, ventilation and under tile heating in new residential builds. We provide free no obligation quotes Auckland wide, which includes an onsite inspection.

What is a 'pre-pipe'

A pre-pipe allows us to run refrigeration pipes, electrical cabling and a condensate drain internally within walls before they are lined. This means there is less or no external capping making for a neater finish and also allows us to install units on internal walls instead of being limited to external walls. Below is an example pre-pipe for a ducted systems, we leave refrigeration pipes and cables coiled outside ready for installation.

heatpump pre pipe
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