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Under tile heating installation

Under tile heating

We are experienced installers of under tile heating electric elements supplied by The Heating Company. We have found that many installers cut corners and miss crucial steps of an installation, like not including a floor temperature sensing probe. This means the element is reading air temperature instead of floor temperature which is not efficient. Under tile heating is used to take the chill off tiles, not to heat a room.  

Experienced (Click to expand)

We have installed 100's of under tile heating elements with a very small failure rate, all installations are completed throughly and professionally. We are preferred suppliers and installers of Under tile heating elements for Cranston Homes & The House Company in Auckland.

Thermostats (Click to expand)

All under tile heating installations will come with a new touch screen wall controller. We believe this controller is the easiest to use on the market and looks the best as well. We have cover plates available in white(stock), grey or black. These controllers will activate a blue backlit light when touched, which then turns off after inactivity.

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We are certified THC installers of under tile heating, this means your Hotwire UTH element has Lifetime warranty. Wall controllers have a 2 year warranty.

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